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Ystral Jetstream Mixer

Ystral Jetstream mixer

Ystral Jetstream Mixer with stable, complete and homogenous results

The principle of the Jetstream mixer is based on the rotor-stator-system. A fast rotating rotor produces a directed liquid stream. A guiding tube surrounds the rotor. It directs the liquid stream towards the bottom of the vessel and rotation of the liquid in the vessel is avoided. The liquid stream is directed towards the bottom of the vessel where it is redirected to an upward stream. On the surface, the stream again is redirected towards the bottom of the vessel. In such a manner, the whole contents of the vessel is mixed and homogenised


  • Rotation of the contents in the vessel
  • Absolutely no sedimentation for suspensions
  • No incorporation of air from the surface
  • Gentle mixing because of a homogeneous mixing effect
  • No open rotor system
  • Side entry installation close to the bottom in large vessels to circulate all the liquid
  • No additional installations, such as baffles are required
  • In the mixing technology we distinguish between Micro- and Macro mixing.
  • Micro mixing describes the turbulence that reaches even the smallest particles and ensures a complete homogeneous medium in even the smallest spot.
  • Macro mixing circulates and homogenises the whole volume without any dead zones.
  • The ideal situation would be to have a good macro mixing and simultaneously a good micro mixing.
  • It does not make any sense to use a stream lined and optimized stirring element, that provides a slow circulation of the contents of the vessel, but that can’t provide a sufficient micro mixing - nor is it useful to have a mixer, that starts to rotate the liquid, but is not able to mix the upper and lower layers of liquid.


Typical Applications:

  • Jetstream mixers are being used in all branches of the chemical industry, pharmaceutical productions, food industry and cosmetic products.
  • The machines are designed according to given specifications of the product. Specially designed units are available for use in sterile areas and others for wastewater treatment.
  • Jetstream mixers are used for homogenizing, dispersing, suspending, emulsifying, crystallizing, aeration, dissolving and to improve the rate of heat exchange on the wall of a vessel. They may be attached directly onto a tank or to a moveable lift.
  • A Ystral Jetstream Mixer is ideal for any application where real homogeneous mixtures are required.
  • Because the mixing effect is so efficient, a relatively small mixer is sufficient to keep large volumes in motion (for example: storage tanks for milk, vessels with raw mineral oil).