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Mixing & Dispersing


Ystral Multipurpose

Ystral Multipurpose Mixing and Dispersing heads

Ystral Multipurpose Exchangeable shafts and tools

The advantage of the Ystral Multipurpose machine is the modular design – exchangeable shafts and/or exchangeable mixing and dispersing tools. Previously this could only be done in the laboratory. With the Ystral Multipurpose machine, this  can now be done in production applications as well. With only one machine, a variety of products and product volumes may be produced with the most suitable tool. For the requirements in the sterile or pharmaceutical production, all connections are sealed following the GMP guidelines. A variety of drives and stands enhance the Multipurpose systems.

Mixing, mixing and dispersing, dispersing – in a short period of time, the correct tool for the application can be fitted. Flexibility is the advantage of the Ystral Multipurpose system. Short set-up times, easy handling and easy cleaning - no interruption in production during cleaning.

For a variety of processes, a range of drives, shafts with different seal systems and tools are available. Batch sizes for the machines with exchangeable shafts from 30 to 2,000 liters are possible.

All of Ystral's experience and technology know-how is reflected in their Multipurpose machine aggregates. The highest quality materials designed to suit specific process requirements  are self-evident. The easy-to-handle modular system was developed and realized together with partners from different application fields. The modular system is enhanced by stands in a variety of executions – stationary or movable.

Typical Applications:

Food: Jam, Baby Food, Dough, Sugar Solution, Ice Cream

Cosmetics: Shampoo, Hand Care Cream, Toothpaste. Lotions

Detergents: Cleaning Detergent, Polish, Starch, Washing Starches

Pharmaceuticals: Rub-in Gels, Tablet Coating Nutrient Solutions

Chemistry: Foils, Plant fertilizers, Fibers, Suspensions, Emulsions

Paints/Lacquers: Lacquers, Offset Printing Inks, Textile Colors, Dispersion Paints